LP40 Log Puller Rotating Grapple

LP40 Log Puller Rotating Grapple
Brand: Ceattachments
Product Code: LP40
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Not just for logs! This versatile attachment is designed to lift and handle heavy, awkward size material such as logs, culverts, water pipes, telephone poles and more with controlled precision. Load, unload and transport material up to 1500 lbs. The serrated cradle of the grapple steadies material in-line for straight-on loading or transport. The grapple tines open to a maximum of 39" for grappling large objects and fold together as tight as 3" in diameter for holding pipe, brush or smaller material. The spring centered grapple rotates up to 180 degrees and features spring-centered return, lateral lock and in-line lock positions for handling material at different angles. Comes complete with hose saver kit, hoses and flat face couplers.

180 Degree rotation with spring center grapple for handling material at different angles
Lift and transport logs, culverts, pipe or poles from 3" to 39" in diameter
Serrated cradle steadies material for controlled leverage of load
Handles loads up to 1500 lbs.

Weight (lb/kg) Grapple Opening (in/mm) Rotation Overall Width (in/mm) Overall Height (in/mm) Depth (in/mm) Cap. (lb/kg)(in/mm)
477/216 3-39/76-991 180 degrees 48/1219 40/1016 48/1219 1500/680


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